Documents within the Sugar Industry

The Sugar Industry Authority (SIA), is the regulatory body of the Jamaica Sugar Industry. It was established in 1970 under the Sugar Industry Control Act, it shall be the duty of the Authority to advise the Minister on functions of the Authority such as:

  • On all matters of the general policy with respect to the operations and development of the Industry.
  • With respect to applications for licenses in the relation to the introduction of mechanical units in the industry; and the measures to be adopted in dealing with the incidence and effect of redundancy as a consequence of mechanization of the industry.
  • With respect to the use on an economic and efficient basis of port in relation to the exportation of sugar.
  • The Authority shall have power to perform any functions assigned to it by or under this Act of any other enactment.

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Those Who Serve(d)

Sugar Industry Authority
Name Position Period
Mr. W.D. Roberts * Chairman (First) April 1970 - January 1972
Mr. Owen Pengelley * Chairman February 1972 - March 1973 
Mr. Richard Fletcher " April 1973 - January 1977
Mr. Wesley Wainwright* " February 1977 - November 1980
Mr. Noel Rennie* " January 1981 - November 1981
Mr. Trevor Donaldson   January 1982 - October 1982
Dr. Keith Roache   November 1982 - November 1983
Mr. R. Evon Brown Acting Chairman January 1984 - June 1984
Mr. Frank Downie Executive Chairman (First) August 1984 - April 1994
Dr. Huntley Manhertz Chairman April 1994 - October 1998
Mr. Frank Downie Chief Executive Officer April 1994 - March 1996
Mr. Evon Brown Chief Executive Officer April 1996 - October 1999
Mrs. Andrèe Nembhard Executive Chairman November 1999 - December 2002
Ambassador Derick Heaven Executive Chairman January 2003 - Present

Sugar Industry Research Institute

Mr A. C. Barnes Director, Agriculture Division 1946 - 1951
Mr R . F. Innes " 1952 - 1967
Mr T. Chinloy " 1967 - 1974
Mr. Mike Shaw Director, Agriculture Division December 1974 - December 1990
Mr Orville Seaton* Director of Research  
Mr Trevor Falloon Director, Agriculture Division  
Dr. Ian Sangster* Director, Factory Division June 1970 - December 1989
Mr Michael Hylton Director, Factory Division  
Mr Michael Hylton Director of Research 1990 - 1997
Mr Trevor Falloon Acting Director of Research  
Dr. Earle Roberts Director of Research 1999 - Present
Mr Trevor Falloon Agricultural Services Manager  
Mr Joshua Jaddoo Factory Services Manager  
  • Hon. Roger Clarke - Minister of Agriculture & Farmer
  • Mr. Robert Henriques - Manager, Appleton Estates
  • *Mr. Owen Clarke - Worthy Park Estates
  • Mr. Robert Clarke - Worthy Park Estates
  • Mr. Peter McConnell - Worthy Park Estates
  • Mr. William (Billy) McConnell - J Wray & Nephew Ltd
  • *Mr. T.G. Mignott - Past Chairman, All Island Jamaica Cane Farmers Association (A.I.J.C.F.A.)
  • *Mr. Abijah Buchanan - Past Chairman A.I.J.C.F.A.
  • Mr. Kenneth Newman - Owner/Manager - Cambria Farms
  • Mr Livingstone Morrison - President/Chief Executive Officer - Sugar Company of Jamaica Ltd.
  • Mr. Astil Sangster - Former Minister of Government & Farmer
  • Mr. R. Karl James - General Manager - Jamaica Cane Products Sales Ltd.
  • Mr. A.C. McDonald - Acting Chairman, A.I.J.C.F.A.
 * - deceased