Preventative Maintenance 

This programme was designed and developed to assist factories to improve their time utilisation. Since the equipment involved is relatively expensive it was decided to centralise the service at SIRI and make it available to factories on request. The services made available were: 

1.    Laser Alignment 

Laser alignment of steam turbines was carried out at St. Thomas Sugar Co., Worthy Park, Trelawny Sugar Co., and Frome

In order to cope with the workload that was required several factory personnel were trained to use the laser alignment instrument. 

The programme was considered to be very successful overall, as there were major reductions in the observed vibration levels of the steam turbines at all factories where this service was provided. 

2.    Dynamic Balancing - Boiler Fans 

Dynamic balancing of all boiler fans was carried out at St. Thomas Sugar Co., Bernard Lodge, Trelawny Sugar Co., Monymusk, Worthy Park and Frome.  

        Dynamic Balancing - Centrifugals 

Dynamic balancing of centrifugals was carried out at Frome, Worthy Park and Appleton since excessive vibration and imbalances had been observed for this equipment at these factories. 

3.    Vibration Measurements 

A number of vibration measurement surveys was carried out and the results analysed for engines and alternators at Worthy Park and Appleton

4.    Ultrasonic Thickness Testing 

This service was utilised by Monymusk, Worthy Park and Bernard Lodge on boiler tubes and drums. 

5.    Ultrasonic Flaw Detection 

This  method of detection was used at St. Thomas Sugar Co. on cane yard, milling and boiler equipment shafts.  The procedure, which was carried out for the first time by SIRI, gave excellent results. 

Core Sampler 

With core sampling units now into their thirteenth year of operation the need for major repairs and replacement of parts increased significantly. The main items replaced were valve coils, pressure hoses, seals, shredder motor and gate cylinders, carriage wheels and axles, core tubes and transformers. 


Core Laboratory 

The Department faced many problems because of the age of equipment in the core laboratories. The department had to repair and service the ovens at Frome, Bernard Lodge, Trelawny Sugar Co. and Worthy Park. Additional pieces of equipment used routinely in the Core Laboratories were serviced, repaired and calibrated. 


A newly acquired clamp-on flow meter was used to check the juice scale at Appleton

The bagging scale at St. Thomas Sugar Co. was repaired and calibrated.  This involved replacement of  the load cell. 

Installation of the servo balans was completed, but it could not be commissioned due to excessive vibration  from the sugar elevator nearby.  As soon as this condition is corrected, final commissioning will be undertaken. 

Both cane scales at Appleton were damaged by lightning during the out of crop  period.  These units were repaired, serviced, calibrated and put back into operation. 

All three scales at St. Thomas Sugar Co. were serviced, calibrated and certified by the Bureau of Standards. The scale at Monymusk was calibrated, commissioned and also certified by the Bureau.   Repairs were also done on both scales at the Ocho Rios pier.  The truck scale was re-calibrated and the scale piston and air supply regulator for the servo balans were serviced. 

The truck scale  at Trelawny Sugar Co. was re-calibrated and certified by the Bureau of Standards.  The servo balans and air-compressor were taken out of service for the replacement of  new copper-tube fittings. 


The level controller and transmitter were re-programmed and calibrated at Trelawny Sugar Co. Factory.  The original level transmitter was damaged and had to be replaced.  Steam flow recorders and drum pressure controllers were also serviced. 

Gauges from Worthy Park and St. Thomas Sugar Co. were sent in to the Department for repairs and calibration.