Reinitialization and preparation of the Core Program for the 2002/2003 sugar crop were done at six factories between January and February and for the 2003/2004 crop at two factories in December. A similar procedure was carried out at Worthy Park, Ocho Rios and Marcus Garvey Drive - sites where the Scale Program was in operation. 

General trouble-shooting and modifications as per requests from the various factories were done on a continuous basis. Program fixes and modifications were done to most in-house databases and user support and training were given where necessary. 

The following publications were completed during the year: 

The weekly Factory, Sugar, Molasses, Core Audit, Revenue and Cane Quality reports were compiled and disseminated during the crop period. General and technical support were given and slide presentations and conference brochure prepared and compiled for the annual JAST Conference. 

Support was provided for the Core Program at all core labs. This included fixing of problems and making changes to the program as requested by the factories. Modifications were made to St Thomas Sugar Co.’s core program to facilitate quality-based payment to cutters, loaders, drivers, scrappers and headmen. 

The revised cane payment formula was incorporated into the core program at the Appleton and Frome core laboratories. Previously, farmers were paid for their cane based on the formula: 

Cane Price = Sugar Price x FRI x (JRCS  -  FF) x Relative Factor 

This has now been replaced by the formula: 

Cane Price = Sugar Price x FRI x (JRCS x Relative Factor  - FF) 

The New Scale Program was installed at the Ocho Rios scale. Users were trained and familiarized with the operating protocols. Updates and maintenance were done to the Scale Program at all other sites.