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Procedure for the Submission of Papers

1. All manuscripts must be in the hands of Sectional Vice Presidents on or before the 31st August.

2. Manuscripts MUST

a. be written in the English Language
b. be typewritten on one side of the paper only, double-spaced, and with a 2.50 cm margin on all four borders.
c. be clearly divided into separate paragraphs and should include, where applicable, the following sections, in the order listed: ABSTRACTS, INTRODUCTION, MATERIALS AND METHODS
(or EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE) RESULTS, DISCUSSIONS, CONCLUSIONS and REFERENCES. If a review of pertinent literature is included it should be placed in the INTRODUCTION, DISCUSSION and/or CONCLUSIONS may be combined with RESULTS. The heading for each section should be typed in capitals and centred.
d. have pages, except the first, numbered throughout on the right-hand upper corner.
e. include an ABSTRACT, not exceeding 250 words, a copy of which along with the paper should be sent to your Sectional Vice-President. The Abstract should be a brief non-critical, informative digest of important features of the paper.
f. be sent in triplicate. All photographs must be in triplicate but charts and drawings may consist of one original and two photostat copies.

3. Authorship
The name of the author(s), the institution or organisation with which he is associated and its location, should follow the title of the paper. Do not include the professional title or rank of the author.

4. Illustrations, Charts and Tables must be originals and -
a. be non-coloured. (black and white)
b. be supplied separately from the text, and neither stuck nor pasted to the manuscript, nor folded.
c. have a number and if necessary, a legend in which symbols occurring in the figure or table are clearly explained. Legend must be typewritten, double-spaced on separate sheet of paper, and properly identified with the same number as the illustration.
d. Title, column headings and side headings should be in lowercase letters except for the letter of the first words and proper nouns. Photographs should be black and white glossy
( not mat), prints at least 5 x 7" (12.70 x 17.78cm).

5. Literature references should be listed at the end of the paper. In this list (supplied on a separate sheet) references should be in alphabetical order in accordance with  the author's
surname and numbered. The author-number system of reference citation will be used in the text. The number being placed in the superior position eg. Baker5
Every reference in the text must appear in the list and vice versa.

Example of reference to a periodical:
5. Bennett, F.D. (1962). Outbreaks of Elasmopalpus Lignosellus (Zeller) (Lep. Phycitidae) in sugarcane in Barbados, Jamaica and St. Kitts. Trop. Agric. Trin. 39: 153-156.
Example of reference to a book:
7. Browne, C.A. and F. Zerban (1941). Physical and Chemical Methods of Sugar Analysis. John Wiley & Sons Inc. New York 1353 p.

6. Numbers, Symbols and Abbreviations
The metric system (SI) should be used in all papers. Use commonly accepted abbreviations. Omit full stops in abbreviations unless they are needed to avoid confusion, as for example, no., and Fig. Commonly used abbreviations in sugarcane literature include the following: ISSCT, USDA, Fig., g, kg, ha, ml, 1, mm, cm, m2, ppm, meg, no., avg, wt, atm.
Authors are urged to omit full stops from sugarcane variety designations: HJ5741, UCW5465.
Symbols should be used to designate elements and compounds and to indicate percent (%). Arabic numerals (8, 16, 126,000) should be used for numbers except when the number is the
first word of the sentence or the use of a numeral would create confusion. It should then be written out in full.

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